About Me

I’m just a man on a mission to better myself in every part of my life and help those who wants to achieve their best life outside their own mind. The name “Gravity Within” comes from the belief that we are energy filled beings and by definition Gravity is: “the force that attracts a body towards any other physical body having mass.” The Gravity Within us is an invisible force that pulls good or bad towards us depending on our thoughts and belief system. 

The purpose of this site to give back what the world has, is and will give me. I will be writing what I discover that helps one reach their most fulfilled life. Also, reference books, podcast, movies and more which I deem worthy. We are all on a journey and we can let life happen to us or we make it happen. Our destiny is not set in stone because every morning we wake up and get out of bed, it’s an opportunity to change our lives according to our vision. The choice is always ours. I believe it’s a journey of conquering the mind, the body and the soul.